Destination Unknown

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Today I want to share some exciting news with you guys! This weekend I’m travelling to an unknown destination. Yay! Sounds exciting, right? Some of you may already have heard of You choose a theme, an amount of travel days and there you go… You pay, they organize everything. You just have to sit back and relax. My favorite thing to do 😉

Although to be honest, I’m also dying to know where I’m going. I really wanted it to be somewhere in the United Kingdom because it’s December and… Well, it’s December. And could you think of a more magical place to be around Christmas? ♥

Chances are rather small though. They’ve let us know the local temperature will be around 17 degrees. That way we know what kind of clothes to take with. Hmm 17 degrees… Are you guys also thinking Lisbon or Barcelona?

Anyway, I’m very excited to go on this adventure! It will be the first time ever I’ll be travelling to an unknown destination. I leave this Saturday morning and yes, I will keep you guys posted! For real time info and pictures you can find me on Facebook.

Talk to you soon! ♥

P.S. Where do you think I’m going? Your only clues are: it’s a short citytrip, in Europe, and it will be 17 degrees this Saturday… Let me know your thoughts 🙂 

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