New year, new goals?

If I learned one thing from 2017, it’s that “goals” equal “stress”. Or at least, that’s what happened to me. I wanted to achieve so many things. As soon as possible. And I got the feeling I should be busy all the time. Working. Trying to get closer to my goals step by step. But hey, here’s what I learned. The world doesn’t stop spinning if you’re not working one day. If you take some quality time with the boyfriend, or some me time with a cup of coffee and a good book… Nothing bad happens to your goals. The worst thing that happens? Some little delay.

So here’s what I’ve planned for the new year. I will try to ignore those perfect #girlboss pictures that pop up on my Instagram every day and I will try to focus on myself. Sure, it’s nice to get inspired by social media and the success of others, as long as it’s not giving you the feeling that you’re behind on you’re own schedule. That you really NEED to be working, that you won’t achieve all your goals before you’re 30. Patience will also get you there. So what if you haven’t achieved all your goals? It’s really nice if you have, but if you haven’t… just keep breathing. There will always be a next year.

So never feel bad about it. Just enjoy life as it comes. Including those lazy all-day-in-PJ’s, I-didn’t-eat-healthy-because-I-ordered-pizza and yes, I-opened-the-door-in-those-same-PJ’s days. It’s fine. It’s nice to get a break once in a while.

So live, laugh, sleep, cuddle, wonder, wander, travel around the world, go explore or do nothing at all and binge watch all seasons of your favorite TV show on Netflix. It’s all fine as long as YOU enjoy it.

If I still get to set some goals for the new year, it’s finding more time for myself and the ones I love. To read, draw, write, chill and cuddle more. And if my bank account agrees with me, to travel. A lot.

And of course I will still be working, blogging and studying. It’s all about finding a bit of a balance I guess…

Happy 2018 you guys! ♥ 

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