Here’s to a new start!

Can it ever be too early for New Year’s resolutions? Well, yes. But I’m gonna tell you mine anyway. 2017 has been the year where I really tried to wrap my brain round several issues. What do I want with my life? Where do I want to live? What profession will I chose? So many questions. What can I say… The quarter life crisis kicked in and it wasn’t easy to escape the ocean of thoughts it came with. It was time to make some decisions. And so I did. I recently moved to Bruges together with my boyfriend and I finally took the step towards part-time freelance writing. Yay! I couldn’t be more excited. (And a bit scared. But mostly excited.)

Cheers to new chances

I also made the switch from Dutch to English on my blog, or so you probably already noticed (no kidding Sherlock). It wasn’t an easy thing to do for me, I feel much more comfortable writing in my mother language. But I really want to improve my English, so here we go.

And then there’s Gumming Bird. What bird? Gumming Bird. My brand new website about freelance writing. Feel free to take a look and say hi. I’d love that! P.S. if you’re wondering, Vanessa designed my logo and I’m 100% in love with it.

gumming bird

Anything else?

Lots! On Lolita goes places I will keep you posted about life as a freelance writer, my travels, my new home in Bruges and my future plans. Let’s go on an adventure together.

Talk to you soon! ♥

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