The blog

Lolita goes places is a Belgian travel blog. Welcome to my little online universe! Once in a while I share my vacation pictures, travel tips en favorite Belgian hotspots here with you.

The writer

My name’s Jolien (yep, just like the song). And I’m either out discovering the world or at home writing.

As a Belgian copywriter I have a strong coffee addiction am curious about our world. That’s why I’m studying archaeology. What can I say? I just really adore castles. And ancient stories, that too.

I also love to wander around. Discovering nice places and great literature, just like Nabokov’s master piece ‘Lolita‘. Definitely a should read and totally worth naming my blog after…

I’d say follow me, but to be honest: I’m a bit lost too.

travel blogger

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Alice in Wonderland