Stories | The End of Summer

Now the days are getting shorter, it’s finally time for vanilla candles, super soft blankets and a pumpkin spiced latte (yummy!). Halloween is getting closer and so is Christmas – Yup, I’m totally one of those people who already started the Christmas countdown.

While I am excited for the cold days to come, I’m also missing summer. A lot of memories were made. And as always … some good, and some sad. Time for a little throwback!

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

Let’s start our little trip through memory lane in July. Remember those sunny days? Palm trees, ocean breeze … Like every year, I spent some days with my family at our Belgian coast. Not so much palm trees there, but still a nice sea breeze AND pleasant days with my beloved ones. And how beautiful are the sunsets at night?

After that, I went to Leuven with my boyfriend. We always try to visit some rock festivals in the summer. So, hello Rock Werchter! I totally wanted to see Arctic Monkeys. I mean … How awesome is Alex Turner?! We also payed a visit to our former student city Ghent, forĀ Ghent Festival. And some weeks later we visited Hasselt to watch some amazing bands at Pukkelpop.

I really adore summer festivals. It’s all about sun, food and good music.

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When it came down to travelling, the boyfriend and I decided to go on a little surprise trip in August with At the airport we discovered our destination … Rome! I can totally recommend this amazing city. Taking a walk through the streets of Rome is like taking a walk into the past. Discover my favorite sights there.

And furthermore? Some chill summer days with friends, trying some business coaching to expand my freelance career as a Dutch copywriter, buying a house (big step!) together with my boyfriend, moving to Bruges, etc.

But also saying goodbye to my old friend, a seventeen year old kitty. Some anxiety attacks that came with my irritable bowel syndrome (I recently started therapy to face my fears). Some pretty faisty deadlines. And doubting my career pad.

But in the end – the good outshined the bad, and I’m grateful for the great memories.

Are you looking forward to cosy winter days?


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