Hotspot Bruges | Bagel tapas at Li O Lait

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Do you know that moment that you can’t decide what you want to eat? Do you choose a delicious bagel for lunch or do you prefer a yummy tapas plate? Argh, how to decide?! But don’t worry! The era of heartbreaking choices on an empty stomach is now over. I have some news for the foodies among us: bagel tapas exists and yes, that’s just as good as it sounds!

Li O Lait is hidden in a quite side street in the heart of Bruges. On the menu? Coffee with artisan roasted beans, lots of bagels and quiche. My favorite dish? Bagel tapas for 2 persons! Not only because it tastes absolutely delicious (it really does!) but also because you can share it with your friend or lover. Yay! How fun is that? I guess it’s all about sharing food in Belgium 😉

Oh, and the bagel tapas also comes in a vegetarian option! Li O Lait for the win.

Li O Lait - Dweerstraat 30, 8000 Bruges, Belgium 
Closed on Monday.

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