christmas song

Yay, the Christmas countdown has begun! Let’s start off with a little confession: I do enjoy those cheesy, well known Christmas songs. I actually don’t even mind that they put them on repeat in every store and at every Christmas market in this country. But… my favorite Christmas song is the one from Smith & Burrows. Tom Smith has the most amazing, warm voice. It’s like walking into a wooden lumberjack house with a cozy fireplace and a view of whirling snowflakes through the window.

The song is a little less funky pop and a little more wintery melancholic. It makes you wanna cuddle up with the people you love. Can it get any more Christmassy? ♥

God damn, this snow
Will I ever get where I wanna go
And so I skate, across the Thames
Hand in hand, with all my friends
And all the things, that we planned
My son’s eyes in the outline of his hand
And even though I hate the cold
Constant reminder that I’m getting old
Another year draws to its close, entire London slows
When I dream tonight, I’ll dream of you
When the Thames … froze

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